Walk-In Coolers - 651.246.9587

Walk-in coolers require expertise in both construction and maintenance. Protecting your investment with a manufacturer-certified installer is a must. Valley Installations is one of the few certified warranty and installation companies in the Midwest. Here are the certified services we offer:

  • Screed or floor setup
  • Internal or external ceiling suspension
  • Membrane roof
  • Slope roof
  • Treadplate walls and floors
  • Walk-in demolition
  • All cove base and trim
  • Remote and drop-in refrigeration
  • Job site measurement for walk-in
  • Field modification and penetration of panels
  • Pressure vent installation
  • Sliding doors
  • Reach-in doors
  • Door replacement
  • Existing walk-in modification
  • Silicone work
  • Repair services

Please inquire about any specific services you may need.